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About Us

Thomas Furia in 1963Running a successful company is about more than just the bottom line.

If you want your company to be successful in the long term, you need to focus on building strong and lasting relationships.

Thomas Furia Sr. knew that was true when he started Penn Jersey Paper Company over 50 years ago. That’s why he made sure that an emphasis on the value of strong relationships was woven into the very fabric of the company. Because of that, PJP has grown into one of the most successful distribution companies in the Philadelphia market.

In order to ensure the company’s focus on relationships was maintained, Mr. Furia established seven pillars of success, and made sure those pillars supported every part of the business.

  • Service
  • Integrity
  • Pride
  • Dedication
  • Honesty
  • Loyalty
  • Respect

Penn Jersey Paper's Second Location on Swanson St in Philadelphia

Everyone at PJP believed then, and still believes today, that these pillars of success are what have allowed the company to grow into the great success that it has become.

When PJP started in 1963, it was just a small business that worked primarily as a packaging distributor for Supermarkets.  PJP began operating out of a 4 story warehouse on Delaware Avenue in Philadelphia. Originally, the company partnered with a local Philadelphia company called Genuardi’s Family Markets. As the Genuardi Markets chain grew, so did PJP. It was that first strong business relationship that helped PJP get started.

PJP's Start In Janitorial Products

But Mr. Furia also knew that he couldn’t rely on just one strong relationship, so he made sure that PJP branched out, and the company began to serve other independently owned supermarkets, delis, butchers, and even small restaurants. Over the next decade, PJP continued to expand, and in 1980, acquired a small janitorial company. Through this acquisition, PJP expanded and began to sell cleaning chemicals, janitorial supplies, and janitorial equipment. PJP has avoided stagnation by continuing to grow and expand and invest in new business opportunities.

Fast-forward to 2007, when PJP officially launched PJPMarketplace.com. From that moment on, PJP was no longer only a Philadelphia company, but a company that serviced the entire United States. The key to continued growth in the 21st century is the internet, and PJPMarketplace.com has been PJP’s gateway to new customers, and new long lasting relationships.

PJPMarketplace.com now offers over 7,500 wholesale products to our customers, ranging from disposable food packaging, to catering and kitchen supplies, to janitorial supplies, and even heavy kitchen equipment. Since PJP started, the company has happily served almost 55,000 customers and in just 2015 alone, shipped nearly 63,000 packages. PJP operates out of a new, LEED Certified distribution center in Northeast Philadelphia with a sprawling 265,000 square foot warehouse and attached corporate offices.


Our 265,00sf distribution warehouse in Northeast Philadelphia Aisle view in our 265,000sf distribution warehouse


Just like every other aspect of the company, PJPMarketplace.com puts the focus on building strong relationships with our customers, even when it’s only through the internet. PJPMarketplace.com features a smooth customer buying experience, a range of convenient shipping options through FedEx, a wide selection of quality products, and of course, incomparable customer service. PJP may be an internet company, but it is still a company that believes in the importance of quality customer service, so Customer Service Representatives and Product Experts are available to call should you need assistance. Click here to contact PJP Customer Service.  

PJP has succeeded as a company by building strong and lasting relationships. By working together with PJP, both businesses can be tremendously successful. So if you want to help your business grow, you’ve come to the right place at PJPMarketplace.com.


Our headquarters