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Shipping too much?

At PJPMarketplace.com - our goal is to provide the best in total value. Our products are available to professionals and consumers, large and small. We offer our products at competitive prices, and unlike many other online retailers, we do not use our shipping charges as a profit center.

We ship the majority of our orders via UPS Ground, (orders that have a total order weight of under 150 lbs) from our Philadelphia, PA warehouse. Other shipping methods are utilized depending on the total size, weight, and complexity of your order.

How can you save on shipping?

There are a several things you can do to save on shipping:

  1. Contact Us! - If your shipping rates seem irregularly high – we can confirm that the sizes and weights are being calculated correctly, and work with you to ensure satisfaction.
  2. Stay Connected - Are you a PJP Marketplace insider? Sign up to receive special offers and promotions. We often run discounted shipping and freight promotions that are only available to our insiders. Join thousands of other insiders – HERE
  3. Maximize Your Order - Often smaller orders are combined into one shipping parcel which can bring down your average cost of shipping per piece or case. Instead of ordering every week and paying $15 for the one case, you may be better off ordering two cases for a combined shipping rate of $25 dollars (or $12.50 per case). We stock thousands of foodservice supplies – so be sure to check out additional items that you might not know we have, in order to maximize your order. Saving on shipping can really be recognized when the total order is large enough to be shipped common carrier – where additional products do not have as large of a freight impact, since your order is palletized.
  4. If you are within our distribution area (Eastern PA, NJ, NY, DE, MD) – contact one of our customer service representatives – we may be able to maximize your order, minimize your freight cost, and set up delivery on one of our own trucks.
  5. Ship to a Business Address - While we gladly ship to commercial and residential addresses, you will typically pay less shipping if your package is going to a business address. So ship to a business address whenever possible.